Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was a monster fan of Excessive Force and of the label Life Sentence Records owned by the singer Dan Gump. When Decontaminate came out I was really stoked to hear what this dude was up to since Excessive Force had ended. They released a CD on Life Sentence Records and this split 7" with the band Absone on xEYEWITNESSx Recordings out of France. Decontaminate is definitely a pretty big departure from the more straight forward 90's hardcore sound Excessive Force was doing. They sounded like hardcore kids channeling some serious metal influences. Decontaminate is still one of my favorite straightedge bands to have come out of SLC (second only to the almighty Lifeless). I have scanned the inserts so you can check out the lyrics and label info. Great stuff download it HERE. Also thanks to x43x blog for posting the download link to these songs.

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