Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery

As we all know there is a right way and a wrong way to go about everything. To help anyone who is not clear on this I am going to give an example of doing something the right way and the wrong way.

Stealing GHOST SHIP'S album title for your new clothing line name, coupling that with a direct rip off of a recent Seventh Dagger shirt as your logo and finishing off with a "Don't Tread On Me" shirt though not as blatant but we did do one of these less than a year ago. Great job guys!
I understand paying homage to an idea by cleverly reworking their idea ie: our Agnostic Front or Public Enemy shirts. We took their ideas re worked the art and added our own spin on the idea. That is paying tribute to your influences NOT stealing from them.

Now I hate dwelling on the negative so here is the RIGHT way to do something!

Start a clothing line, have a sincere message, an original idea, and a good cause that you are backing! I could not have been more stoked when I saw this shirt design and what they were doing with the profits today! Great job Dead Armor! Everyone should check these guys out and if you can afford it support their cause! Get yours HERE

Since we are on the subject. Seventh Dagger has taken the money it makes as a label over the years and supported not only releasing straightedge bands, but we have done fund raisers for numerous causes. If you are getting ready to start your new straightedge clothing line do something unique and don't start it as a way to get that extra money you need for rent, Nikes or records get a job for that stuff. I don't really care that these guys ripped us off or about the 400 other times I have seen upstart, flash in the pan sxe clothing designers steal our ideas because I know like the rest of them these guys will be gone in less than a year so who cares. The real points of this article are be creative and follow through on your own ideas and when choosing where to spend your money choose the people out there offering you something unique that supports the ideals you believe in. XXX