Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here is a short interview we did with SCOTT CROUSE of EARTH CRISIS. Scott contributed to the track "The Poison That Surrounds Us" on the new ONE CHOICE record coming out late this month on Seventh Dagger. We talk about his involvement with this ONE CHOICE, EARTH CRISIS and straightedge.

How old are you, where are you from and how long have you been straightedge now?
SCOTT: I'm 34 and from Syracuse NY. I've been Straight Edge for roughly 20 years.

How did you find out about straightedge and become involved?

SCOTT: When I was about thirteen I had some friends who were really into hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Youth Of Today. I mainly listened to metal, but really respected the ideas and decisions some of my friends were making at the time. Not trying to fit in with the standard teenage lifestyle really appealed to me.

What do you think are some positive things going on in straightedge right now?
SCOTT: I think it's the same as it's always been really. Sure numbers rise and fall, but at the core there are always the truly motivated people keeping things alive.

How did you know the guys from ONE CHOICE and how did you come to be involved in the new record "Forever War"?

SCOTT: We've known Rob Mertz for a while. Karl is a huge fan of his skating and Rob is into EC so when it came time for Rob's band to record of course we wanted to be involved. He's part of the xoldguardx like us so we need to stick together!

What's coming up on the horizon for EARTH CRISIS or any other projects you are working on?

SCOTT: EC will be going to Japan in January and then back over to Europe for some festivals in June. I'm always toying with the idea of other projects, but they never seem to happen, haha.

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