Thursday, July 16, 2009

What the fuck are we doing?

Alright so the SEVENTH DAGGER website could at this point NOT be any more outdated on so many levels. So we are in the works of getting a completely new website put together which will be done in the not too distant future, trust me we are working.
So until then we decided to have this blog function as the website itself until the new one is complete. I think you will get a lot more out of this as we will be posting all of the goings on here at xSDx on a much more frequent basis. Also with this blog we will be reporting on a lot more than what's up with xSDx and it's bands we will be covering bands, labels, people whatever that we find interesting and relevant.

So in the spirit of this direction I thought it would be a fun first post to bring up two labels I love and think are putting out incredibly high quality releases without sacrificing an ounce of the DIY ethic that is sorely lacking these days.

First up is A389 RECORDS from Baltimore, MD. I got my package from them today with the presale limited color vinyl of their newest releases from ROT IN HELL and DAY OF MOURNING. DAY OF MOURNING is a now defunct band from CANADA that ran from 1997-2000 and featured members who went on to be in PULLING TEETH, xIN THIS DEFIANCEx and NO WARNING. To say this band drew equally from MERAUDER, NAPALM DEATH and ENTOMBED or that they are one of my favorite hardcore bands ever would be no exageration. ROT IN HELL is from the UK and sound every bit like INTEGRITY and RINGWORM channeled through the likes of a gang of crust punks, it's dirty and it's fucking pissed! Both records are in sweet gatefold jackets and both records are as heavy as dinner plates. The ROT IN HELL jacket as you can see in the picture has a spot color gloss printed on the cover that shines in the light. They have an upcoming re issue of the classic RINGWORM lp "The Promise" that I can't wait to get my hands on. Check them out at...

Next up is our good friends over at CLOSED CASKET ACTIVITES from Albany, NY. This label has put out releases from COCKPUNCH, BLACK TEETH, MELTDOWN, SURROUNDED BY TEETH, TORCH RUNNER, WHEN TIGERS FIGHT and has upcoming releases from THE NETWORK and RATTLETOOTH.
So the releases we have here in the photo are two colors of the ANOTHER VICTIM 5 inch vinyl featuring songs from their last release "FOR THE LIARS AND THE CHEATERS". Let's face it those are the coolest 5 inch records you have ever seen. Also pictured is the newest release from UNHOLY the best band from Syracuse, NY you will ever hear next to EARTH CRISIS. This is the 12 inch picture disk for their newest release "NEW LIFE BEHIND CLOSED EYES" which comes with this poster size layout with some of the creepiest artwork I have had the pleasure of laying eyes on. Check them out at...

Both of these labels do a great job with their mailorder, put out great bands and always have the best packaging around so do yourself a favor and check them both out!

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